Intelligent PDU

The intelligent PDU has functions such as remote monitoring, remote control, abnormal alarm, status recording, key reset, and firmware online upgrade. The intelligent PDU function is divided into four types: A, B, C, and D. Among them, A and B types have remote monitoring and remote control functions. A type can realize the monitoring and control of the overall circuit and sub-circuit, and type B only realizes the overall circuit monitoring and control. control. Class C and D have remote monitoring function, class C has overall loop and sub-loop monitoring, and class D only realizes overall loop monitoring. The corresponding product model definitions of the four categories A, B, C and D are: Category A: GMSC; Category B: GMC; Category C: GSM; Category D: GM.

Remote monitoring functions include: total current, voltage, total power, total electrical energy, temperature and humidity, smoke, access control, sub-circuit current (type B and D do not have this function) and so on.