The role of intelligent PDU in use

Maximize uptime and availability. iPDUs can be pinged over the network to check their status and health so that data center administrators can know and take immediate action when a particular PDU is lost or powered down, or when a PDU is in a warning or critical state. Environmental sensor data can help identify insufficient airflow or cooling in data center areas to ensure a safe operating environment for IT equipment.

Increase human productivity. Most smart PDUs allow remote power control, so data center staff can quickly and easily power down and restart servers without actually going to the site. Remote power control is also useful when preparing for or recovering from a data center disaster, helping to ensure the priority and availability of mission-critical services. Reduce data center energy consumption. Power monitoring trends at the outlet level can help data center managers measure power consumption and eliminate fake servers and power consumption. Outlets can also be turned off remotely to prevent devices from running when they are not needed. Both basic and smart PDUs provide reliable power to equipment in the data center.